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CBD is the ideal ally for well-being and serenity. You just have to choose how it should accompany you.
Practical and efficient, vaping CBD, whether via e-liquids or distillates, brings real ease to your use and consumption.
It is for these reasons that Kanavape develops and provides you with the best possible e-liquids and distillates.

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A unique expertise

Founder of Kanavape, Sébastien Béguerie is a recognized expert and a true figurehead in the world of CBD and hemp.
A scientist and activist, he makes the highest quality full-spectrum CBD distillates and e-liquids, with an ideal terpene profile, from the best strain of cannabis available on the market.
Kanavape products, combined with exclusive vape technology, provide an unparalleled feeling of relaxation and calm.

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The vision behind the Kanavape legend

As is the Japanese tradition, we are at the service of body and mind. More than just CBD distillates and e-liquids, we offer you at Kanavape, a real experience.

We develop quality products, made from rare hemp, for an unparalleled experience that goes hand in hand with a healthy mind, the practice of yoga or meditation.
Kanavape is more than a selection of products, it is the assurance of enjoying a rich and deep experience that will necessarily benefit you!

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Kanavape in the media

LOGO Le monde

“Victory for CBD entrepreneurs. We now expect the government to help us control and regulate this market so that it finally becomes healthy and prosperous.”, says Sébastien Beguerie.

LOGO Liberation

“By launching Kanavape, we suspected that we were going to make a buzz but not of this magnitude! Sébastien Béguerie from Marseille is the inventor of the first electronic cigarette with cannabidiol (CBD), a so-called relaxing cannabis molecule.”

Les echos Logo

“Acquitted after seven years of legal proceedings, the French entrepreneur is relaunching Kanavape. In the meantime, the CBD sector, of which he was a pioneer, has taken off.”

Les echos business Logo

“The Kanavape brand of vaping cartridges was a pioneer in France in the cannabinoid sector. Its founder, now expatriated in the Czech Republic, launched a brand of “well-being” products”.

LOGO 20 minutes

“The two founders of Kanavape, pioneers in the marketing of CBD in France, are summoned before the Court of Appeal of Aix-en-Provence for what could be the end of their legal fight”.

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