E-liquid 5% CBD ORANGE BUD

E-liquide 5% CBD Orange Bud

Does the smell of citrus give you a feeling of well-being and good humour? Opt for our Orange Bud recipe! Indeed, this E-liquid was designed after an iconic variety of cannabis, known for its notes of orange and tangerine.

Citrus terpenes have a positive effect on the human body. Some research has been able to find very interesting particularities in them such as a feeling of euphoria, sometimes even relaxation.

It is in this spirit that Kannavape has made every effort to create a recipe similar and faithful to this legendary variety. Screw your Orange BUD E-liquid cartridge onto your CBD pen battery and enjoy all the benefits of CBD coupled with the potential of Orange Bud terpenes




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Refill bottle – 10ml – Orange Bud 5% CBD

Discover the Kanavape refill e-liquid, Orange Bud flavour (5% CBD). A quality product, offered in a 10ml glass bottle, which we ensure the sale at the best value for money. CBD expert in France and Europe, Kanavape offers you here an innovative product, a unique experience where CBD finally rhymes with well-being. Want to find out more? We invite you to discover everything you need to know about this CBD liquid.

The characteristics of Orange Bud CBD

Orange Bud CBD is a classic hemp, legal cannabis. It is one of the best-known and most demanded varieties by consumers who particularly appreciate its slightly sweet, tangy, rather raw taste and aromas.

Hybrid originating from Holland, we do not really know what its origins are. The only certainty is that it quickly established itself as one of the safe bets on the market. Today, it is found in many types of products, including e-liquid refill bottles.

All about Orange Bud CBD 5% e-liquid bottles

Are you looking for a quality e-liquid to recharge your vape pen? Kanavap invites you to discover its Orange BudCBD flavour e-liquid bottles, at 5% concentration. A premium product, designed from a neutral e-liquid base, of 100% vegetable origin, composed of PG/VG (propylene glycol/vegetable glycerine).

A PG/VG base is then mixed with a broad-spectrum CBD distillate (broad spectrum, without THC, the active molecule of the cannabis plant) obtained from the best varieties of Kanavape hemp.

You then get a CBD e-liquid, a 5%, Orange Bud flavour. This product is certified as THC-free as well as vitamin E-free and nicotine-free. A liquid sold in a 10ml glass bottle, discreet and easy to use.

How to use an Orange Bud CBD 5% e-liquid bottle

The Orange Bud 5% CBD e-liquid bottle signed by Kanavape has the advantage of being particularly easy to use. Indeed, you only need a few steps to be able to vape with complete peace of mind:

  • You must bring the CBD Orange Bud 5% e-liquid bottle;
  • Simply unscrew the tip. Then pour the e-liquid into your refill cartridge;
  • Close the cartridge and turn it over for a few hours to make sure it does not leak;
  • Screw the cartridge into your electronic cigarette, turn it on/activate it and vape;
  • Never refill vape pen refill cartridges more than 3 times.

What are the effects of Kanavape Orange Bud 5% CBD liquids?

Orange Bud is a CBD strain known for its energizing, focus-promoting effects. However, the effects vary from one person to another, in particular, because of consumption habits (frequency, dosage, etc.). In general, CBD:

  • Allows to fight against stress and anxiety, promotes rest and relaxation as well as sleep;
  • Allows fighting against certain pains and inflammations;
  • Allows you to fight against certain addictions (in particular to nicotine and THC).

However, be careful. Indeed, the overconsumption of CBD supposes the appearance of undesirable effects. Although light, these are never very pleasant. Diarrhoea, nausea, and dizziness may thus appear for a certain period of time.

At Kanavape, we recommend that you favour gradual consumption, gradually increasing your dosages according to observations and feelings. Naturally, remember to keep these products out of the reach of children.

Is Orange Bud (5% CBD) Kanavape e-liquid bottles legal?

Yes, our e-liquid bottles are perfectly legal. Indeed, French law as well as European law authorize the sale of products derived from hemp, if and only if they contain less than 0.3% of THC, the active cannabinoid of cannabis. The Orange Bud flavour e-liquids that we offer here for sale are broad spectrum, with a broad spectrum of cannabinoids. They, therefore, contain no traces of tetrahydrocannabinol.

A few precautions to take

The Orange Bud 5% e-liquids that we offer for sale on our platform do not contain any trace of nicotine. However, they should only be purchased and used by adults aged 18 or over.

This bottle of e-liquid should only be consumed by vaping. It should never be drunk or taken sublingually. It is not a CBD oil, but an electronic cigarette liquid.

CBD is not a medicine and may involve a drug interaction. Thus, we invite you to discuss the issue of its consumption with your doctor, in particular:

  • if you are pregnant;
  • if you are breastfeeding;
  • if you suffer from an illness;
  • if you are taking medication or have any known allergies.

Finally, be careful not to exceed dosages of 70 mg of CBD per day.

Kanavape, the CBD e-liquid expert

Kanavape offers through its Orange Bud CBD 5% e-liquid bottles, an approach centred on well-being. Indeed, the vaping of this product binds wonderfully with the practice of meditation, yoga and other activities promoting well-being and relaxation.

The objective is to offer you a healthy and natural solution, that perfectly meets all of your needs. For more information, please feel free to contact us. A quality product, easy to use, whose opinions you will find here.

Our teams remain at your disposal and will be happy to read you, advise you and accompany you by helping you select the e-liquids best suited to your needs.

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