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Everything you need to know about high Concentration CBD e-liquid!

Are you used to consuming CBD in the form of e-liquid but are disappointed with the effects observed? Are you looking for a richer product with higher levels of cannabidiol and other cannabinoids to better meet your needs? At Kanavape, we offer for sale a selection of the best e-liquids on the market. Powerful CBD e-liquids, whose cannabidiol concentration is around 25%, in order to better respond to your problems.

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What is a High Concentration CBD e-liquid?

What exactly do we mean by "powerful CBD e-liquid"? This question deserves to be asked. Finally, a powerful CBD e-liquid is a simple liquid, which you use to recharge your electronic cigarette, with the only difference being that its cannabinoid content is a little higher. This liquid, generally composed of a PG/VG base (propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin), is enriched with an oily CBD-based solution obtained following supercritical CO2 extraction. For this CBD e-liquid to be considered "powerful", the dose of CBD must be quite high. We generally speak of 700mg or even 1,000mg in a 10ml bottle, or 7 to 10%, or even much more. In comparison, the vast majority of CBD e-liquids that you can find on the market (in physical stores or directly online) contain 100mg, or even 300mg of CBD, i.e. a total rate of 1 to 3%.

Why consume a high concentration CBD e-liquid?

High-concentration CBD e-liquid is aimed at all people who wish to benefit from the supposed benefits of hemp and who have a vape (regardless of the brand).

Supposed benefits

But what are these benefits? We know, for example, thanks to numerous studies, that cannabidiol and other cannabinoids would help fight against stress, anxiety and many other ailments.

Consumption open to all

With CBD, it doesn't matter your gender, age or even your build. Cannabidiol in the form of e-liquid fits perfectly into your well-being routine by accompanying you in a very discreet way.

Fast and discreet

One of the other benefits of Potent CBD Liquid is that it is very easy to consume. All you need is a specially dedicated and recharged electronic cigarette to enjoy it.

What are the effects of high-concentration CBD e-liquids?

As mentioned above, powerful CBD e-liquids would reveal many effects on the consumer. But what are they exactly? Let's take a closer look at the question.

1. Fight addictions

In 2014, a study whose result was published in the journal Addictive Behaviors demonstrated that the administration of CBD (by vaporization) would have reduced the tobacco consumption of a group of individuals, of the order by 40%. Of course, new research must be carried out to confirm the first achievements, but it would seem that combining CBD and vaping (a method already used to reduce nicotine consumption) could have significant effects!

2. Stress, anxiety and sleep

The cannabidiol contained in your powerful CBD e-liquid targets the mechanisms responsible for the onset of stress or anxiety. We are talking here about cortisol (stress hormone) and serotonin (happiness hormone). Vaping CBD, therefore, allows you to be more relaxed, whether during the day or in the evening. Rest and relaxation ultimately promote sleep. Less stressed, thinking less, we are more able to rest.

3. Inflammation and pain

Various studies attempt to demonstrate how CBD could be an interesting alternative to traditional painkillers. More natural, without adverse effects and not playing on addiction, could cannabidiol, therefore, be imposed as an alternative? If CBD oils seem to be better suited, vaping CBD remains an interesting method of administration, for results which however remain to be proven by further studies on the subject.

Regular and high concentration CBD e-liquid: what's the difference?

Basically, there's really no difference between a CBD e-liquid and a CBD e-liquid that's considered potent. Indeed, they contain the same natural ingredients, come from the same hemp plants and have been made in exactly the same way. What differentiates them? The concentrations and therefore the observed effects. Powerful CBD e-liquids are mainly aimed at people who are already perfectly in control of their CBD consumption and who know that they need high levels in order to fully benefit from its supposed benefits. Likewise, the "classic" CBD e-liquids are more oriented towards a public discovering the world of CBD, wishing to try it out or who do not necessarily need products with a high concentration in order to benefit from the effects of CBD. As such, remember that there is no precise dose of CBD to consume, for a person. The rates vary according to the individuals, their build, their approach, but also the symptoms to be targeted. Test, evaluate and adapt your consumption!

Kanavape, your number one partner

Unlike other brands like Greeneo, Marie-Jeanne and so many others, Kanavape is one of the historical CBD players in France. Specialists in e-liquid, we offer for sale, in our shop, a wide selection of homemade products. You will find on our platform:
  • CBD e-liquid cartridges with 60% cannabinoids: OG kush, Amnesia or Mango Kush flavour, our refill cartridges contain 300mg of CBD, CBG, CBC and CBN. They do not contain any trace of nicotine or vitamin E.
  • 10% CBD e-liquid bottles: our Amnesia, Mango Kush flavoured e-liquid bottles and many others contain 1,000mg of CBD (10%) or 100mg per ml. They contain no traces of THC, vitamin C or nicotine!

Kanavape: discover our powerful CBD liquids

Inspired by great Japanese traditions, such as Shinto or Assanoa, the powerful CBD e-liquids offered on Kanavape are products that reflect the Japanese approach to everything related to body, mind and more generally to good. -to be. Our liquids are more than simple cartridges or e-liquids in refill form. They offer a real taste experience. Of rare finesse, made from quality products and ingredients, they fit perfectly into your well-being, and healthy routine, whether you watch what you eat or practice yoga, or meditation.

Powerful and quality CBD e-liquids

At Kanavape, we offer CBD e-liquids that are powerful, but above all of the quality. Rich in terpenes, with very precise dosages, our products derived from hemp and legal cannabis, reveal subtle aromas for a sophisticated taste in the mouth. Do you want to find out more about the offers of powerful CBD e-liquids made in Kanavape? Do not hesitate to discover recent opinions and to contact our teams. Indeed, we remain at your disposal and will not fail to come back to you with valuable advice on which types of products seem to be best suited to your needs.
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  • What is a powerful CBD e-liquid?

    CBD e-liquid is a liquid product to be used for your vaper or electronic cigarette. The term “potent” is used to define the most CBD-rich products. Often these are at 15 or even 20%!
  • What are the effects of a powerful CBD e-liquid?

    A powerful CBD e-liquid supposes relaxation and relaxation. It would also make it possible to fight against pain and inflammation as well as against addictions, in particular to tobacco and nicotine.
  • Are Kanavape Potent CBD e-liquids legal?

    Yes, Kanavape CBD e-liquids, regardless of their CBD concentration, are authorized for consumption and sale. They respect the legislation in force and absolutely all contain less than 0.3% THC!

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