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Interested in the idea of consuming CBD? Are you looking for a simple and discreet way to enjoy a hemp-rich product? Using a CBD electronic cigarette seems to correspond in all respects to these expectations. Easy to transport, because light, and simple to use, they allow you to vape your CBD e-liquid at any time of your day, from any place, whether at home or at work. At Kanavape, we have understood the interest in this type of product by the customer. Thus, anxious to guide and accompany you, we present everything you need to know on the subject, with the sole aim of allowing you to choose the product that suits you best.

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First of all, it is important to determine what a CBD electronic cigarette is. There is nothing very surprising about this type of accessory (or instrument). It is, neither more nor less than a classic electronic cigarette which, unlike the others, allows you to consume a CBD liquid. The goal? The CBD electronic cigarette, when refilled, allows you to fully enjoy the aromas of the variety of the chosen product and above all, the supposed benefits of hemp and cannabidiol.
CBD e-cigarette works exactly the same way as a classic e-cigarette:
  • The first step is to recharge your CBD electronic cigarette. Once the battery is at 100%, the user can light up their electronic cigarette
  • It is then necessary to recharge your electronic cigarette using a CBD e-liquid or a specially dedicated cartridge.
  • To turn it on, just press the small central button 3 to 5 times. Then it's time to vape (keeping the button pressed)! The smoke that comes out is made up of cannabinoids and is not harmful to the lungs
  • To turn off the electronic cigarette, you can do nothing (it will then turn off automatically) or press the central button several times
As you will have understood, the CBD electronic cigarette works quite intuitively. You will therefore not encounter any problems, especially since the vast majority of CBD cartridges and e-liquids are compatible with all CBD electronic cigarettes.
Buying a CBD electronic cigarette allows you to vape by pulling on your tool, at any time of your day. However, the practical aspect is not the only thing that we will remember here, quite the contrary.


In France, the consumption of hemp-derived products remains rather "badly perceived", in particular, because many people still confuse CBD and THC, although the differences are quite notable. Taking CBD in the form of e-liquid, thanks to its electronic cigarette CBD, allows you to remain discreet. Indeed, millions of people vape every day! Using this type of accessories to take CBD, whether at work, on the street or elsewhere, will therefore save you some problems.


One of the main advantages of consuming CBD via electronic cigarettes is its price! You don't consume as much CBD via your vape as with a classic liquid, in particular, because of the effects observed. The "classic" liquid (flavoured, PG/VG based) does not provide any feeling of relaxation, unlike CBD e-liquids. This automatically changes the number of puffs taken daily. Knowing that a cartridge or a bottle of e-liquid allows (on average) to take 200 puffs, its CBD electronic cigarette, therefore, lasts longer. Excellent value for money, especially at Kanavape, if you compare with some competitors, such as Greeneo or Marie Jeanne.


As you may know, CBD products are authorized in France (and in the rest of the European Union), if and only if they contain less than 0.2% THC (tetrahydrocannabinol, the active molecule found in the cannabis plant). However, a CBD electronic cigarette does not contain any trace of THC, nor even of CBD since it is an accessory. You can therefore use and handle it as you wish... Provided, however, that the liquid it contains is authorized to be sold and consumed!


CBD contained in a liquid and taken via electronic cigarette takes between 5 and 15 minutes before acting, which is rather fast compared to other methods of administration, such as cosmetics or infusions. The bioavailability is quite good, thus suggesting a quick action to feel!
However, it is imperative to keep in mind the fact that an electronic cigarette of CBD alone is absolutely useless. Indeed, it must be charged using an e-liquid or an e-liquid cartridge. At Kanavape, we are experts in selling e-liquid products, allowing CBD consumers to take it, at any time. You will find on our platform:
  • A battery for vape pens: strictly speaking, we do not sell electronic cigarettes for CBD products. On the other hand, if you are the owner of a vape pen and you want to replace your battery, do not hesitate to discover our battery for a vape pen, compatible with many devices!
  • Refill cartridges for e-liquids: these refill cartridges contain quality e-liquid in 5 to 10-milliliter format, made from hemp grown and harvested with passion. Several aromas, and several tastes, for an experience closer to what you expect.
  • CBD e-liquids: discover the bottles of CBD e-liquids signed by Kanavape and enjoy an extraordinary experience!
Certified without nicotine, our e-liquids (cartridges, booster) and cannabidiol electronic cigarettes are all legal. They contain the necessary THC levels to be accepted for sale and come in a variety of flavours. These kits with precise dosages (quantity described in milligrams) ensure an exceptional experience! For more information about our offers, and our CBD electronic cigarettes, do not hesitate to contact us. Our teams remain at your disposal and will be happy to read you and advise you on our entire catalogue.
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  • What is a CBD e-cigarette?

    A CBD electronic cigarette is a completely classic electronic cigarette, with the difference that it does not contain a classic e-liquid, but an e-liquid based on CBD (cannabidiol).
  • What are the advantages of CBD electronic cigarettes?

    A CBD electronic cigarette is a very simple instrument to use. Light, quick to use, handy and discreet, it allows you to consume CBD with ease, at any time of the day without attracting the eye.
  • Why use the Kanavape CBD electronic cigarette?

    Kanavape is one of the major players in the CBD market. A pioneering company, which offers quality products, made from premium hemp, carefully treated and worked. A premium product, at the best price.

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