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Why use a disposable CBD e-cigarette?

You will find at Kanavap e, a selection of the best CBD products, including our disposable CBD e-cigarettes. Single-use vape pens, which once empty can be thrown away. An innovative product, easy to use and offered at a good price, which we ensure the sale and delivery, everywhere in metropolitan France. A question on the subject? Do not hesitate to contact us! Our teams remain at your disposal.

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What is a disposable CBD e-cigarette?

CBD e-cigarette (also called an electronic cigarette) is a cigarette that allows you to vape a liquid rich in cannabidiol. Disposable, this CBD e-cigarette works like any other type of electronic cigarette. The goal? Like a vape pen, the disposable CBD e-cigarette allows you to vape by taking puffs of a liquid worked from a neutral base and enriched with CBD. However, once the refill cartridge is finished, it is no longer possible to recharge it, to use it. So you have to throw it away!

Who can take a disposable CBD e-cigarette?

Disposable CBD e-cigarettes can be used by anyone, depending on gender, body size and age (be careful, however, to be at least 18 years old). In general, the consumption of CBD via vaping makes it possible to target certain ailments and disorders, such as stress, anxiety or even certain pains and inflammations. A multifunction tool, to feel better every day. Do not hesitate, if you wish to dive further into this universe, to discuss the subject with your attending physician. This will allow you to make sure that you are not at risk (CBD supposes a drug interaction in individuals under treatment).

How to use a disposable CBD e-cigarette?

To use your disposable CBD e-cigarette, nothing could be simpler. Indeed, here you make the decision to buy a “turnkey” product. Recharged, you only have to light the disposable e-cigarette by pressing the central button several times. As soon as it is activated, you can then take your puff. In general, a disposable CBD e-cigarette allows you to take up to 200 puffs before no longer being functional... A product that is also certified nicotine-free!

What are the benefits of a disposable CBD e-cigarette?

But then, what is the point of a disposable CBD e-cigarette? The answer is to be found on the side of the risks associated with over-consumption. A CBD disposable e-cigarette generally consists of a cartridge whose CBD content is established and cannot change. By deciding to buy such a product, you who want to start with CBD, reduce the risk of making mistakes, of over-consuming and of suffering the undesirable effects of CBD such as diarrhoea, nausea, etc. This allows you to learn to control your consumption. Indeed, you only use what you need! Once the disposable CBD e-cigarette is finished, you can either buy one back or invest in an e-cigarette and e-liquid! Naturally, the disposable CBD e-cigarette has other advantages, which we discuss below.


In France, consuming hemp can be quite frowned upon, and quite misinterpreted. Using a disposable CBD e-cigarette allows you to have your cannabidiol product with you, transport it and use it at any time, in complete discretion. So no matter where you are, you can take CBD ! At work, in the street, in a park or on a terrace, you will have the opportunity to indulge yourself.


As we have seen above, one of the main advantages of disposable CBD e-cigarettes is that they save costs, at least initially. If you are a beginner and want to test the supposed benefits of hemp on you, this is the ideal method. After a puff or two and a few minutes of waiting, you will know if this type of solution is for you. If by chance you want to go further, you could then consider investing in an electronic cigarette and your own e-liquids.

Flavors and aromas

The CBD pods and e-liquids offered on our platform are varied. You will find classic flavors and terpenes, such as Super Lemon Haze or Strawberry Haze, as well as softer and sweeter aromas, such as Mango Kush. A palette of tastes and smells, for a personalized experience, closer to what you expect, unlike what some of our competing brands offer, such as Greeneo, Liquideo, Les Penny de Marie Jeanne or Wpuff.


In France, but also in the rest of the European Union, the laws are very clear and very strict about CBD: hemp-derived products can be sold provided they contain no more than 0.2% THC. It is tetrahydrocannabinol, the psychoactive molecule of the cannabis plant, the one that gives the feelings of intoxication. However, a CBD electronic cigarette does not contain any trace of THC, or even CBD since it is an accessory. You can use and handle it as you wish... Provided, however, that the liquid it contains is also authorized to be sold and consumed (pay attention to the THC dosage, not CBD)!


Finally, on the question of supposed benefits, if you vape CBD, you should feel them within 5-15 minutes. Allowing to fight against certain ailments (stress, anxiety, sleep, pain and inflammation), CBD by inhalation is quite fast in its action, unlike other methods. The bioavailability is quite good, thus suggesting a quick action to feel!

All about Kanavape e-liquids and accessories

Expert in issues related to disposable CBD e-cigarettes and CBD in general, Kanavape has, over the years, established itself as one of the main marketplaces for people wishing to discover hemp and for regulars in research. of quality products. This is why you will find on our online store, a selection of the best CBD disposable e-cigarettes and other e-liquids allowing you to recharge your vape pen:
  • A vape pen battery: do you have a CBD vape pen? Unfortunately, we do not offer disposable CBD e-cigarettes on our platform. On the other hand, we provide a battery compatible with many machines to fully enjoy your experience.
  • Refill cartridges for e-liquids: these refill cartridges contain quality e-liquid, made from hemp grown and harvested with passion. Several aromas, and several tastes, for an experience closer to what you expect.
  • CBD e-liquids: discover the bottles of CBD e-liquids signed by Kanavape and enjoy an extraordinary experience!
Do you want to find out more on the subject? Do not hesitate to browse the reviews on the net and to contact us, in particular by email. Indeed, our teams are quite reactive and will not fail to get back to you with a set of information allowing you to choose the product best suited to your needs and desires.
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  • What is a disposable CBD e-cigarette?

    A disposable CBD e-cigarette is an electronic cigarette that contains CBD e-liquid. This can only be used once. When the cartridge is empty, you must throw away your e-cigarette and use another (disposable or not!).
  • What are the advantages of the disposable CBD e-cigarette?

    The disposable CBD e-cigarette is the perfect instrument for people wishing to discover the world of CBD e-liquid. The disposable electronic cigarette is small, light, very discreet and allows you to consume quality liquids, with different, varied flavours.
  • What are the effects of the disposable CBD e-cigarette?

    The disposable CBD e-cigarette reveals several effects on the body. Cannabidiol provides rest and relaxation as well as helping against pain and inflammation and strengthening the fight against addictions (especially nicotine).

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