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Everything you need to know about CBD oils for electronic cigarettes

Are you looking for advice on CBD oil for your electronic cigarette? At Kanavape, we are specialized in the production and sale of e-liquid specially dedicated to vapers and vape CBD. Quality liquids, which we present to you in detail in the rest of this text: use, advantages and effects, discover everything you need to know about CBD oils for electronic cigarettes!

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What is CBD oil for electronic cigarettes?

Let it be said: vaping a classic CBD oil is absolutely not recommended! Here, we are mainly talking about CBD booster-type oils or CBD e-liquid oil. These are the products best suited for vaping CBD and lungs. The reason is very simple. Indeed, CBD oil offered in 10ml bottles is to be taken sublingually. It was produced for this purpose and has no other purposes. The use of conventional CBD oil in an electronic cigarette could also cause rapid deterioration of the material or even its destruction.

How to recharge your electronic cigarette with CBD oil?

CBD oil is not used to refill an electronic cigarette. But what about other solutions, such as boosters, crystals and classic e-liquids?

CBD Cartridge and e-liquid

refill cartridge is to be clipped directly into its electronic cigarette for CBD. The e-liquid is used to recharge the cartridge which will then be used!

Booster and crystals

Regarding the booster or the crystals, they are mixed with a neutral PG/VG base in order to obtain a product rich in CBD, fragrant, to be consumed anywhere, at any time.

Who can take CBD by electronic cigarette?

The consumption of CBD is generally accepted for any type of profile. Indeed, regardless of your age, sex, build or other, you can take hemp-based products to fight against certain ailments, such as:
  • the stress
  • anxiety
  • pain and inflammation
Be careful, however, not to overdose and to start with small quantities in order to be sure of obtaining the expected effects and, conversely, not to have to deal with the generally accepted undesirable effects when a person overconsumes (diarrhoea, nausea etc.)

What are the advantages of CBD electronic cigarettes?

The advantages of consuming CBD via electronic cigarette and e-liquid oil refill are quite numerous:
  • Discretion: more and more people vape on a daily basis. This practice has become commonplace and no one seems surprised anymore to see someone using their electronic cigarette. Filled with CBD oil in the form of e-liquid, the vape can therefore be used anywhere, at any time, with complete discretion, especially since the vapour that emanates from it is very soft and pleasant.
  • Speed: using CBD oil for electronic cigarettes (always in the form of e-liquid or CBD booster) is done fairly quickly. You recharge your vape in just a few seconds. Ideal, therefore, if you don't really have the time.
  • Cost: it is accepted that a CBD vape oil allows you to take up to about 200 puffs. However, we do not consume CBD in the form of e-liquid as we shoot a classic vaper. Thus, vaping CBD is economical!

What are the benefits of CBD oil for electronic cigarettes?

It now remains to determine the supposed benefits of CBD oil for electronic cigarettes, directly on the body. Remember here that CBD is not a drug and that its benefits remain assumed. If various research is carried out in this direction, more studies must be carried out in order to affirm the first observations.

Stress and anxiety

CBD is a molecule particularly studied for its supposed action on stress as well as on anxiety. Taken in the form of CBD oil for electronic cigarettes, cannabidiol acts quickly, between 5 to 15 minutes after administration, for an estimated duration of 1 to 2 hours. In the evening, after a complicated day, this method of consumption could therefore suggest a positive action on relaxation, letting go and therefore, sleep.

Pain and inflammation

Do you suffer from pain and inflammatory flare-ups? Redness? If taking CBD by classic CBD oil is interesting, CBD oil for electronic cigarettes could help you feel better. Various studies demonstrate or attempt to demonstrate how cannabidiol would act on the nervous message, feelings about pain and risk prevention. Parkinson, multiple sclerosis or even Alzheimer's, there are many studies on the supposed benefits of CBD!


Several studies also attempt to demonstrate how CBD oil for electronic cigarettes and more generally cannabidiol (or even hemp) could be effective, particularly against addictions: THC, tobacco and nicotine, and drugs, numerous studies carried out an attempt to demonstrate how cannabidiol could act on these ailments.

Delicate product

Besides the "effects" aspect, CBD oils for electronic cigarettes are very mild. Delicate, they reveal a particular taste, aromas and flavours. Depending on the CBD concentration of the e-liquid, you will fully feel the power of terpenes and cannabinoids.

Kanavape, the best CBD oil for electronic cigarettes

At Kanavape, we are experts in selling CBD oil for e-cigarettes. You will find on our shop page, a selection of our best products. E-liquids offered in the form of CBD oils for electronic cigarettes :
  • CBD e-liquids: our CBD e-liquids are certified as legal (less than 0.2% THC) and contain no trace of vitamin E or trace of nicotine, which is of course important to note.
  • Refill cartridges: without THC, our refill cartridges come from various varieties of hemp (Amnesia, OG kush and many others) allowing you to take full advantage of your product, depending on the dosage (milligram/millilitre ratio).

Understanding the Kanavape Spirit

Inspired by the precepts of Japanese culture, in particular, Shinto and Assanoa, our CBD oils for electronic cigarettes reflect the message conveyed by Japanese traditions where the well-being of body and mind occupy a large place in everyday life. In fact, we provide you with CBD liquids that differ from what you may be used to. A product in total agreement with the healthy spirit, which goes hand in hand with a well-being routine. Indeed, Kanavape is not just a name, it's not just a product, it's a rich and deep experience! Do you want to find out more about our offers? Do not hesitate to write to us about our cannabis-derived products (although legal THC levels are always respected). Kanavape is one of the historical CBD players in France. We will not fail to accompany you, advise you and guide you, whatever your question!
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  • What is CBD e-cigarette oil?

    CBD oil for electronic cigarettes is not a classic oil. It can only be consumed through the use of a vaporizer or an electronic cigarette, in no case by ingestion or sublingually.
  • What are the benefits of CBD e-cigarette oil?

    CBD e-cigarette oil is quick to handle. It allows you to recharge your electronic cigarette. There are several, in various formats (10, 30ml), in varying concentrations (5, 10, even 20% of CBD) and in various flavours (Strawberry Haze, Amnesia etc…)
  • Why use CBD oil for electronic cigarettes?

    Without recharging your electronic cigarette, it is impossible to use it. CBD oil for electronic cigarettes, a specially dedicated oil, therefore allows you to recharge your cartridge and vape in order to feel all the effects of CBD in the shortest possible time (about twenty minutes).

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