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What is a CBD vape?

Consuming a CBD e-liquid cannot be done without a CBD vape. These small electronic cigarettes, which look like a pen, serve as a support for the liquid or the cartridge. Once recharged (both at battery and e-liquid level), they allow you to take a good puff, in order to fully enjoy the supposed benefits of cannabidiol and all other cannabinoids. This subject interests you and you would like to learn more about CBD vape. Find out everything you need to know about these essential accessories, in the rest of this text!

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What is a CBD vape?

Buying and consuming a CBD e-liquid, yes... But without the right devices, unfortunately, you won't be able to go very far. This is why it is essential to have available all these accessories that allow you to take advantage of your consumer experience. CBD Vape is a small refillable tool that must then be charged using a CBD cartridge, filled with an oil-like solution. It is a CBD e-liquid. Activated, it heats the e-liquid, activating the CBD molecule in the process. By taking a puff on this CBD vape, you then get the supposed benefits of cannabidiol. The smoke that emerges is quite dense, with a bright white colour, as it is made up of 95% cannabinoids. It then takes 5 to 15 minutes before the CBD really acts on the body. In short, e-liquid and CBD vaping are co-dependent!

How to use a CBD vape?

CBD vape works very simply. Like an electronic cigarette, your vape must have a full battery, otherwise, it will not light up or not for very long. It must then be loaded with:
  • A cartridge pre-filled with CBD e-liquid
  • A cartridge to fill yourself, using your CBD liquid, booster or crystal
Once the cartridge is in the CBD vape, all you have to do is turn it on by pressing the dedicated button once or several times. You can then take a puff and then exhale.

What are the effects of vaping CBD?

Concretely, a CBD vape will have absolutely no effect. It is neither more nor less than an electronic cigarette. On the other hand, the product it contains supposes certain benefits! Vaping CBD would lead to:
  • An action on stress as well as on anxiety: certain studies show that CBD would target the mechanisms responsible for stress, which are cortisol (stress hormone) and serotonin (happiness hormone). Vaping CBD would therefore allow you to be more relaxed. Ideal for getting back to sleep and sleeping better.
  • Action on pain and inflammation: recent research shows how CBD would act on pain and inflammatory flare-ups. In short, cannabidiol succeeds in modulating the pain message sent to the brain in order to reduce its impact. Finally, it would reduce and prevent those that could happen.
  • An action on addictions: according to some research, CBD could help the fight against certain addictions, in particular tobacco, drugs and alcohol.
  • An action on well-being: CBD would have an impact on homeostasis, a fragile virtuous circle (appetite, sleep, mood) by strengthening it.
All of these actions remain assumed and if many studies and research have been carried out, many preclinical and clinical studies still need to be carried out in order to confirm or not these supposed actions of CBD.
It is perfectly legal to buy a CBD vape, whether online or in-store. As we have seen, a vape is an accessory made of plastic or metal. It does not contain CBD or THC. So you can afford one without risking anything. On the other hand, it is essential to pay particular attention to the products you wish to buy. As a reminder, French legislation is very clear on the issue of products derived from cannabis and hemp: the THC level must be strictly lower than 0.2%! We recommend that you turn to certified resellers recognized for the quality of their products. Do not hesitate, in case of questions or doubts, to request the production analysis certificates.

CBD vape, our latest tips

Vaping CBD is not like vaping a classic e-liquid. We recommend that you pay particular attention to the composition of the CBD e-liquid in question, but also to its concentration. The goal? Allow you to benefit from the actions of cannabidiol, without having to suffer its undesirable effects linked to potential overconsumption. Do not hesitate to start with low doses and to vape once in a while, during the day, before adjusting according to your feelings, the targeted symptoms and the effects observed.

CBD Vape: what you will find at Kanavape

At Kanavape, we specialize in the sale of CBD vape, CBD e-liquids and, more generally, everything related to cannabidiol. You will find on our online store, various products, including:
  • A vape pen battery: this 350mAh battery has a battery life of around 200 puffs. Included in the box delivered directly to you is a USB charger. Of course, we do not offer, in addition to this battery, our CBD e-liquids which must be purchased separately.
  • A selection of e-liquids and cartridges: to accompany our CBD vape, we offer a wide selection of e-liquids and refill cartridges ranging from 3 to 25% CBD. Vitamin E-free, full and broad spectrum products that contain no trace of nicotine. Products rich in cannabinoids (molecules present in the hemp plant), for a quality experience.

Kanavape, the expert in CBD Vape

All our products are legal in France (and in Europe). They contain a precise dosage of THC, ranging from 0 to 0.2%. Vapes that are charged using cartridges with particular flavours and aromas, for a taste in the mouth that is different every time! Our brand emphasizes quality. Whether it's a booster, CBD e-liquid kit and electronic cigarette or other, everything has been thought out to make consumption pleasant. The well-being of our clients is the very basis of our strategy! For more information on our CBD vape, do not hesitate to contact us. Reactive, our teams will not fail to respond to your messages by offering you valuable advice on the products best suited to your needs.
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  • What is a CBD vape

    The CBD vape is a vape pre-filled with CBD e-liquid, which can be used anywhere, anytime, to feel the effects of hemp.
  • How to use a CBD vape?

    To use a CBD vape, all you have to do is… Turn it on. Once up and running, you can then take a puff and feel the effects of CBD. Once done, just turn it off. You must then wait before fully feeling the action of cannabidiol.
  • After how long does the CBD vape work?

    The CBD vape does not take long to work. It takes 154 to 20 minutes before the effects are felt, and this, is for a duration ranging from 1 to 2 hours.

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