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Everything you need to know about vape pen CBD

CBD can be taken in many different ways, including e-liquids. Would you like to find out more about this practice, its advantages and the most suitable products?

Consider, beforehand, finding out about vape pens, also called vape pen CBD. These are small elements that allow you to consume your CBD liquid.

Essentially, these elements go hand in hand with your cartridges or bottles of e-liquids. That's why, in the rest of this article, we present you absolutely everything you need to know about them!

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What is a CBD vape?

Buying and consuming a CBD e-liquid, yes... But without the right devices, unfortunately, you won't be able to go very far. This is why it is essential to have available all these accessories that allow you to take advantage of your consumer experience. This small refillable tool must then be charged using a CBD cartridge, filled with an oil-like solution. It is a CBD e-liquid. Activated, it heats the e-liquid, activating the CBD molecule in the process. By taking a puff on this CBD vape, you then get the supposed benefits of cannabidiol. The smoke that emerges is quite dense, with a bright white colour, as it is made up of 95% cannabinoids. It then takes 5 to 15 minutes before the CBD really acts on the body. In short, e-liquid and CBD vaping are co-dependent!

Why use a CBD vape pen?

As we have just seen, the CBD vape pen is the essential element for consuming a CBD e-liquid. Of course, this is not the only advantage. Discover in the rest of this text, the different reasons that make the CBD vape pen the ideal tool!

Practical and discreet

The CBD vape pen is a small accessory. It fits just as well in the pocket of his jacket as in his backpack or handbag. Relatively discreet, it allows you to take a puff in a few seconds, without attracting attention. Whether you are at work, on the street or with your family, the people around you will have the impression of seeing you vaping a very classic electronic cigarette. The ideal, therefore, if you do not want to be noticed.

Speed ​​of effects

The effects of consuming CBD via inhalation take between 5 and 15 minutes to set in and last for 1 to 2 hours. Finally, bioavailability is considered to be quite good (although other methods seem more optimal). Easy to use, the products presented as CBD e-liquids (distillate, booster, cartridge) therefore allow you to take full advantage of the supposed benefits of cannabidiol.

The price

A 10ml bottle of CBD e-liquid or a refill cartridge to be placed in your CBD vape pen allows you to take up to 200 puffs. It is essential to note that one does not consume CBD by vape pen as one draws on a more "classic" electronic cigarette, all day long. Catches are much rarer... The impact on the wallet is therefore much less important!

Quality product

The hemp used to load the vape pen with CBD is natural hemp, grown in the heart of European borders, whether in Switzerland, Italy or elsewhere. The result is CBD e-liquids rich in terpenes and cannabinoids (CBD, CBG, CBN, CBC and others), for quality taste and aromas. Ready to use, our products are either disposable or to be kept, for an experience relatively close to what you can claim.

What are the benefits of a CBD vape pen?

Finally, there is one last question. Why take CBD using a vape pen and not in the form of CBD oil, cosmetics or flower? Besides the benefits listed above, what are the supposed benefits of vaping on a CBD vape pen?

Stress and anxiety

CBD is a molecule increasingly studied for its potential impact on stress as well as anxiety. By targeting the mechanisms responsible for it, such as cortisol (also called the stress hormone) or serotonin, the good mood hormone. This supposed action would thus promote relaxation and relaxation. In turn, this assumes an effect on the quality of sleep. More relaxed, a person who tends to fall asleep better in the evening and therefore have more energy when they wake up.

Pain and inflammation

Taken with the help of a CBD vape pen, cannabidiol could make it possible to fight more effectively against certain pains, redness and inflammatory flare-ups. If it does not heal, strictly speaking, cannabidiol is increasingly appreciated by users, in particular for its more natural and less intrusive appearance than painkillers and other painkillers generally prescribed.


Some studies try to show how CBD could help reduce the consumption of THC or nicotine. Taken in the form of a CBD vape pen, the recommended daily dose per individual could thus allow less smoking and therefore strengthen the fight against addictions!

Other actions

Other studies attempt to go further by demonstrating the cardioprotective role of CBD as well as its effects on diabetes, psychoses or even its neuroprotective role. Taken in the form of a CBD vape pen, the cannabidiol consumed can therefore have different actions even if it is important to remember that its benefits are, at this stage, only supposed benefits. More research and analysis must therefore be carried out in this direction!
Rest assured, at Kanavape, we only offer perfectly legal products! On the one hand, a CBD vape pen is necessarily authorized for sale since it is a technological tool. In no case does it contain any trace of CBD or THC. On the other hand, all the e-liquid products that we make available to you within our online store comply with the legislation in force and contain less than 0.2% THC (tetrahydrocannabinol, an active molecule of the cannabis plant). ).

Kanavape, the CBD vape pen expert

Kanavape is one of the major players in the CBD sector in France. Pioneers in the field of vape pen CBD, we offer excellent products for sale. In addition to a recharging battery for your CBD vape pen, you will find premium e-liquids on sale, with or without THC, containing no trace of vitamin E or nicotine. With various flavours, such as Super Lemon Haze or Strawberry Haze, our pods reveal pleasant notes of fresh fruit and sugar. A product that has been tested and analyzed in the laboratory, for a first-class consumer experience. Do you have questions? Then do not hesitate to contact us! You can also take the opportunity to read the latest customer reviews and compare them to other competing brands, such as Marie Jeanne and its Reefer range, Greeneo and its concentrated liquids or Chanvrier Suisse.
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  • What are the benefits of a CBD vape pen?

    A CBD vape pen is a small instrument that allows you to vape CBD at any time of the day, in complete discretion. Light, handy and easy to transport, it is the ideal tool.
  • How to use the CBD vape pen?

    A CBD vape pen is very easy to use. Indeed, it is enough to activate it to vape. Once the puff is taken, simply turn it off and store it in your pocket or bag.
  • Why use Kanavape CBD vape pens?

    The Kanavape CBD vape pen is the result of undeniable know-how and expertise. Indeed, we have been working for several years now in the production of hemp, the extraction of CBD and the manufacture of premium liquid.

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