Kanavape CBD Certificates of Analysis

Buying CBD is fine but buying legal CBD is even better. This is why it is essential to turn to the certificates of analysis and production. These documents, which take the form of a simple page, aim to certify the origin and composition and legality of a CBD-based product. We tell you all about it.

Download our certificates:

Certificat analyse CBD

What is a certificate of analysis?

It is impossible to discuss the question of hemp, CBD and legal cannabis, without mentioning the question of the certificate of analysis. In fact, it is an absolutely essential document, which makes it possible to confirm or not the legality of the product purchased and consumed.

How to read the certificate of analysis

A certificate of analysis is produced from a chromatography of the product, an in-depth analysis which makes it possible to obtain a large amount of information on the product itself:

  • Cannabinoid analysis: in this section, you will find all the information relating to the different cannabinoids present in the product purchased and consumed. This information is usually found at the top left of the document. You will find the levels of CBD, THC as well as the levels of CBC, CBG or CBN and all the acids.
  • Analysis of terpenes: terpenes bring taste, smell and aromas to the CBD product. This section allows you to determine in what proportion these are present in your CBD e-liquid product.
  • Analysis of the presence of chemicals: this is another extremely important section. Indeed, it is possible to extract CBD from hemp flower, via several techniques, some of which require the use of dangerous products. The idea here is to ensure that the plant has not absorbed any heavy metals etc.
  • Microbiological analysis: here, it allows to know if the product contains harmful substances or not, if chemicals or fertilizers were used during the cultivation of the plant.
  • Analysis of organoleptic properties: This part (with a somewhat complex name, it is true) simply aims to determine the reaction of the senses to the aromas and other properties of the product tested. This is a fairly subjective analysis. It does not require any tools, materials or specific equipment.
  • Contact Details: The last part concerns the information of the CBD product tested. You will find the identification of the product, the name of the brand tested as well as the contact details of the company requesting the analysis Finally, you will find a whole set of up-to-date information concerning the analysis laboratory.

Going through a French laboratory (or established elsewhere other than in France) is essential. This helps ensure the quality of your CBD oil, liquid or otherwise. The results are quite simple to read and easy to understand. Enough to ensure that the product or extract purchased is in full compliance with the legislation.

How to obtain the certificate of analysis?

A certificate of analysis is obtained in two different ways. You can request the certificate of analysis, directly by email. Indeed, not all companies make them available for free download. In some cases, it may therefore be necessary to turn to customer service.

However, the vast majority of companies support customers from A to Z and offer free access certificates of analysis. All you have to do is go to the dedicated analysis pages and download the analysis certificates directly from the website. It’s fast and free!

Who produces the CBD analysis certificates?

Generally speaking, CBD Certificates of Analysis for are carried out by external organizations; certified. This helps prevent fraud. Indeed, brands could be tempted to falsify documents and therefore sell products whose doses of THC actually exceed the legal value. At Kanavape, we trust our partner AQUATEST Testing Laboratory, which takes care of carrying out, on our behalf, the analyzes and the certificates that accompany them.