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You will find here everything about CBD from A to Z.

General Disclaimer

Don’t forget that CBD is not designed for diagnostics, prevention or curing any kind of disease. Always take a consultation with your doctor before starting to use a new product.

CBD is the short term for cannabidiol, which is a type of chemical compound that is found in hemp and marijuana. CBD is one of the naturally occurring cannabinoids. There are more than 140 types of them found in cannabis. CBD and tetrahydrocannabinol (known as THC) are present in the highest concentration.

All CBD we use in Kanavape was extracted from natural hemp, which is high in CBD and from which all traces of THC were removed.

THC is a cannabinoid often associated with psychotropic effects, which get recreational marijuana users high. All products from KanaVape are high in CBD with a THC level below 0,2% – which makes all Kanavape products legal.

Both hemp and marijuana are types of cannabis that come from the Cannabaceae family. Even though hemp and marijuana are from the same plant family, they are different in their chemical composition, especially in THC content.

Hemp usually contains about 0,2% THC and 5-8% CBD, meanwhile, marijuana contains much more THC- cca 10-30% THC and much less CBD.

All of our CBD comes from natural, high-quality hemp from EU farms. All of the CBD we use in Kanavape has been extracted from hemp using a solvent-free extraction method, which ensures that the CBD product is free of any contaminants.

Currently, in the Czech Republic, all cannabis extracts, which have a THC less than 1% by weight, which does not have narcotic effects, are completely exempted from the substance abuse regime, which means that they are legal.


According to the World Health Organization. “CBD does not show any effects indicating a potential of abuse or addiction on people…” There is no evidence about issues with public health associated with usage of CBD.

Source: WHO research

Terpenes are scented organic compounds, which can be found in hemp, marijuana and several more herbs, plants and fruits, that give them aromatic diversity. These natural, aromatic botanicals create the basis of our vape liquids and they ensure that our products have the best flavors, which are tastier than other CBD vape products on the market.

Current research shows that CBD has a number of beneficial effects, which can be widely read about on the internet. We recommend you to do a Google search to learn more about the CBD effects!

  • “The ‘miracle’ cannabis compound that doesn’t get you high” – The Guardian
  • “Everybody who buys the product comes back and raves about it — including my mother” – The Washington Post
  • “Research shows CBD may increase overall sleep amounts and reduce insomnia” – Huffpost
  • “CBD Stopped My Anxious Spiraling” Elle
  • “CBD won’t get you high, but it will still make you feel good” InStyle

a. Endocannabinoid system

The potential benefits of CBD would not be possible without our body having a biological system that is able to interact with and process cannabinoids such as CBD.

This internal system is called the endocannabinoid system (ECS) and is one of the most important physiological systems that maintains the processes by which the body regulates its own internal environment. It is called homeostasis!

The endocannabinoid system homeostasis is essentially the body’s internal communication and response mechanism that, when functioning properly, allows it to maintain balance. When something takes a cell out of its “normal” zone, the endocannabinoid system responds to restore balance.

While this does not mean that introducing plant-derived cannabinoids into the body will always bring everything back to “normal”, it does suggest that we can stimulate the endocannabinoid system by introducing external phyo-cannabinoids, such as CBD, into the body and thereby promote positive outcomes for the bodily functions that the “ECS” affects.

b. How does the endocannabinoid system work?

The endocannabinoid system consists of a large number of cannabinoid receptors located in the central nervous system (CB1 receptors, which are primarily located in the brain and spinal cord) and the peripheral nervous system (CB2 receptors, which are receptors located throughout the body). These receptors are located on the surface of cells and transmit information about the changing physiological environment in the body so that the cell can trigger an appropriate compensatory response to maintain balance in the cell.

Similar to the lock and key, the CB1 and CB2 cannabinoid receptors (locks) receive “information” about the changing physiological environment in the body in the form of endocannabinoids (keys), which the body synthesizes as needed depending on the current physiological conditions.

c. Each person is different

Each person has a unique endocannabinoid system. In particular, the distribution and density of CB1 and CB2 cannabinoid receptors in each of us is as unique as, say, a fingerprint, which is why experimentation with cannabis and cannabis products is so distinctive and why people have different experiences of consuming the same product.

No, always consult your doctor before taking any CBD products, especially if you have allergies.

Likewise, if you feel that you are not feeling well or are not responding well to taking CBD products, stop using them immediately and go see your doctor.

Safety information

Securing high product quality is very important to us. That’s why all of our CBD-containing products have been laboratory tested to secure quality and the presence of THC below 0,2%!

All of our vape liquids are manufactured in the Czech Republic. Regulations for e-liquid production are very strict in the EU and compliance with these regulations leads to the production of high quality products. None of our products contain vitamin E acetate, nicotine or THC. Our vaping pens are made from glass with a ceramic core and contain no plastic. Despite the fact that research documents say that vaping is less harmful than smoking, we recommend moderation in use. CBD is also not intended to diagnose, prevent or treat any disease.

Kanavape Vaporizer

Screw your Kanavape cartridge on the top of your vape pen, and take care not to over tighten it. Once you’ve screwed in your cartridge just start inhaling from your vape pen. It will be active just like if you smoke a herbal cigarette. Remember, vaping is different to smoking so only take soft, gentle puffs and let a few minutes after each inhalation.

The vaporizer battery has run low on charge when it starts blinking. Then it needs to be recharged.

Carefully unscrew the vaporizer battery and plug in the included USB charger, then plug it into a USB port. The indicator light will light up red while charging. When fully charged, the light will change to green. Charging time is approximately 1-2 hours. Do not leave the battery unattended while charging.

If your vaporizer becomes too hot, stop puffing it and let it cool down for a few minutes.

Store your vaporizer in a place out of direct sunlight and away from water. If you have a CBD cartridge on top of your vaporizer and you are not currently using it, leave it in an upright position. This will reduce the likelihood of the cartridge leaking. If you know in advance that you won’t be vaping for a while, unscrew the cartridge from the vaporizer battery and place a rubber stopper on the bottom. Store the cartridge upright in a dry place, out of direct sunlight.

Kanavape CBD cartridges

After removing the CBD cartridge from its packaging, remove the rubber stopper at the top of the cartridge and then screw it clockwise onto the top of your vaporizer.

Kanavape cartridges are not refillable. We do not recommend that you attempt to unscrew the top of the vaporizer cartridge or attempt to refill it.

No. Kanavape cartridges are specifically designed for our vaporizers to bring you the greatest vaping enjoyment.

Remove the cartridge from the vaporizer – be careful to turn the cartridge upside-down enough to run out of liquid when removing the vaporizer battery.

Wrap a paper napkin around the end of the cartridge that normally screws into the vaporizer and blow out the mouthpiece – again, without turning it upside down and spilling liquid.

Excess liquid in the central airflow tube (blowing) will spill out onto the paper napkin. You may have to blow several times to make sure the tube is clean.

All of our CBD cartridges have an expiration date on the packaging. For the best quality and taste, we recommend consuming the cartridge within 3 weeks of opening. If the liquid starts to brown (oxidation process) but is still before the expiry date, they are still safe and potent but the taste may be affected.

It may also happen that your liquid starts to crystallize. The crystals look like clear shards on the inside walls of the cartridge. This usually happens when the cartridge is too cold for a long time. You can still use your cartridge, but we recommend warming it up carefully (without the battery connected), e.g. by placing it near (off!) a radiator. This should warm the liquid and dissolve the CBD. Once this happens, reconnect the battery and inhale a few times to distribute the oil into the cartridge’s heating element.

To find out the ingredients, always read the additional information provided with each product.

How to store

1. Store in a cool place.

E-liquids will break down and dilute if left in intense heat, such as direct sunlight. Once diluted, the e-liquid is likely to flood the central ceramic core of the cartridge and cause a leak. Keep your vaporizer in a cool, dark place to avoid this!

2. Store cartridges in an upright position.

How to vape

Take long but gentle puffs

Take long but gentle puffs leak from the mouthpiece (often accompanied by a gurgling sound) – is a sign that you are probably pulling too hard from your vaporizer.

If you are pulling too hard from the vaporizer, too much suction is being applied to the cartridge and excess liquid is being drawn into the central tube faster than the ceramic heating core can vaporize it. This can potentially cause the vaporizer to leak. So try to inhale long and gently. The smoke will come out even if you inhale gently and you will be saving the ceramic heating core.

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