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At Kanavape, we are on top of the latest trends. One of the hits of the moment? HHC, especially in the form of e-liquid. Simple to use, quick to consume and above all very discreet, this type of product is quite innovative. Do you want to find out more on the subject? In the rest of this text, we present you absolutely everything you need to know about hexahydrocannabinol.
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What is HHC?

HHC, for hexahydrocannabinol, is a molecule discovered in the 1940s by an American chemist. It was about Roger Adams. However, the subject did not arouse any real interest, thus pushing the HHC to fall back into relative anonymity. However, since the development of new CBD-based products and following increasingly restrictive legislation regarding cannabis and THC, certain alternatives are being studied with greater interest by retailers and consumers. It is therefore only very recently that the HHC has returned to the forefront. We are also seeing more and more products being offered for sale, whether online, on CBD Shops or in physical stores. But why?


HHC, CBD or THC are cannabinoids. These are molecules found in the cannabis plant. CBD is not psychoactive, its consumption does not imply any intoxicating effect, unlike THC... Which is illegal in France. HHC, although different from THC, remains very close to it. Moreover, the effects of this cannabinoid would be similar to those of tetrahydrocannabinol. Thus, rather than taking the risk of buying and consuming a prohibited product, more and more people are turning to legal alternatives... Or almost
This is the question everyone is asking. So, is HHC, legal or not? Today, it is difficult to answer this question. The situation is also comparable to that of CBD a few years ago. Indeed, the HHC is in a grey area. The law does not address the subject. HHC is therefore neither legal nor illegal. This pushes many entrepreneurs to take the gamble. The only certainty is that HHC-based products contain no trace of THC, tetrahydrocannabinol, the content of which is a cannabis-derived product must not exceed 0.2%.

What are the effects of HHC?

The number of studies is just too small to determine what the true effects of HHC are. Today, therefore, difficult to affirm that cannabinoid acts in such and such a way. You just have to rely on feedback. The second problem, the HHC not really being under the blow of the law, there is no legal standard for its production. Resellers can therefore do whatever they want with it. It can assume the worst if you go through an unknown dealer, even a professional one. Regarding the action of CBD on the body, everything, therefore, depends on the consumer and the way his body manages and processes this cannabinoid. For information, HHC is composed of two molecules:
  • 9S HHC: 9S HHC has a rather special molecule structure. As a result, it does not bind very well to other cannabinoids and acts alone.
  • 9R HHC: 9R HHC binds very well to the CB1 and CB2 endocannabinoid receptors, which are naturally present in the body. It is therefore she who supposes an action of the HHC.
Let's focus here on the 9R HHC molecule. On closer inspection, the latter is a cousin of THC. Some studies demonstrate how HHC, taken in large quantities, can act on the body by inducing a state of "high", a state of intoxication. In some cases (we are talking here about very high dose consumption), the action of HHC could even be close to that of morphine. Other people, on the other hand, evoke more of a real feeling of energy. HHC would thus make it possible to fight against bad moods, headaches or even feelings of pain and inflammation... In short, it is difficult to really see clearly on the question of the psychotropic aspect of this substance or not. .

What types of HHC products?

Much like CBD, HHC now comes in many forms. You will find on the market HHC flowers, HHC oils etc... At Kanavape, we are above all specialized in everything related (closely or indirectly) to e-liquids. On our platform, you will have the possibility to buy HHC e-liquid bottles, with various flavours and flavours. You can also turn to our HHC refill cartridges as well as our HHC boosters, to create your own products. The advantage of HHC e-liquids is that they allow you to consume your product at any time of the day, from any place. The use of this type of vape pen is becoming more democratic, so you will not attract attention.

HHC, latest update

HHC is a relatively new semi-synthetic molecule. Scientific research on its active ingredients is only in its infancy and no one really knows what its effects are in the short or medium term. A powerful product, therefore, should be managed with care (good management of rates and daily doses). We take this opportunity to remind you that HHC remains a molecule that is neither legal nor illegal. Kanavape cannot, therefore, be held responsible in the event of cancellation, seizure of the order and other possible legal problems.

Kanavape, for quality HHC products

At Kanavape, our philosophy has always been the same: use the benefits of hemp in a pure wellness setting. All of our products, including our HHC products, fit perfectly into your well-being routine and accompany certain practices, such as yoga and meditation. Quality products, which we offer wholesale, at the best value for money. Got a question? Then do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to read you and get back to you, with valuable advice.
HHC Kanavape
  • What is HHC?

    For hexahydrocannabinol, HHC is a semi-synthetic cannabinoid from the hemp plant. An isolated molecule, which you now find in our e-liquid products!
  • What are the effects of HHC?

    The long-term effects of HHC are not really known. Indeed, studies on the subject are only just beginning. However, HHC would have an action almost similar to that of THC, the psychoactive molecule of the cannabis plant.
  • Is HHC legal?

    To date, the HHC is in a grey area. It is neither legal nor illegal… A bit like what was done with CBD a few years ago. However, we remain aware of legislative advances and we will not hesitate to adapt our products.

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