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Are you looking for new products, and new methods to consume hemp? HHC vapes and puffs seem to be perfectly suited to this demand. Simple, small and light, they tick all the boxes. In the rest of this text, we, therefore, present to you everything you need to know on the subject in order to be sure not to be mistaken and therefore, to make the right choice.

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What is an HHC puff?

puff of HHC is a puff enriched with hexahydrocannabinol, a semi-synthetic molecule derived from the hemp plant and discovered during the 1940s. It is the American chemist Roger Adams, who is at the origin. Today, HHC is found in many products, including vapes and puffs. Less known than the vape, the CBD puff is becoming extremely popular all over the world. This vaping tool was born in 2019. It comes straight from the Golden State of California. It is notably thanks to social networks and marketing to the point that it quickly aroused interest and buzz. A product used by a young population, therefore! Like the vape, the HHC puff is small in size and therefore very handy. It can be taken everywhere, comes in many formats and is often offered for sale, at a really very affordable price. Finally, remember that it is legal!

Puff and vape HHC, dangerous for health?

Despite these few positive points, the HHC vape is singled out. Indeed, many believe that the puff would promote addiction. The reason? Some puffs would contain a level of nicotine which, even light, remains sufficient to cause addiction. However, while this is probably true for “classic” puffs, it is not so for HHC-based products. Indeed, these puffs contain nothing other than this cannabinoid:
  • no nicotine;
  • no PG/VG base;
  • no vitamin E and B6;
  • no trace of CBD or THC.
In other words, it is a "pure" product. However, be careful. Indeed, HHC remains a new molecule and further studies must be carried out in order to better understand it.

Are HHC puffs and vapes legal?

As explained above, hexahydrocannabinol is still a relatively unknown molecule. For the moment, many questions arise as to its real effects and its impact on the body. The only certainty, the HHC contained in your vapes and puff is neither legal nor illegal. Much like in the days of CBD, HHC is in a grey area. It is, therefore, your responsibility to buy and consume this type of product. For more information on the matter, do not hesitate to contact us. The last point finally, the HHC puff and the HHC vape do not contain any trace of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), the psychoactive molecule of the cannabis plant. Although it is authorized at 0.2% in a CBD product, it is perceived as a narcotic product.

What are the benefits of an HHC vape?

The HHC puff is a product that has several advantages, which must be emphasized in order to better understand the real interest of the product.

1. The issue of price

Buying an HHC vape or an HHC puff is much cheaper than buying a bottle of e-liquid. It could therefore be that this type of product is perfectly suited to discovering the world of hemp.

2. The right aromas and fragrances

The other advantage of the HHC puff is the perfume, the aromas. Indeed, the puff HHC is made from different strains and varieties of hemp. We therefore find various aromas, such as the puff HHC Super Lemon Haze, the puff HHC flavor White Widow, Amnesia or Strawberry Haze! In other words, whatever your tastes, you will always find something to meet your expectations.

3. Practicality

Consuming HHC with a puff has one last advantage, that of being manageable and practical to transport. Indeed, the puff HHC can be deposited directly in his bag or even in the pocket of his jacket. Finally, puffs are more and more widespread, so taking a puff should come as no surprise to anyone... Although we strongly recom

What are the effects of HHC puff?

Unfortunately, the question of the effects of HHC puff is tricky. Indeed, as we were able to explain above, the studies are only at their beginning. Thus, it is difficult to know how this molecule really acts on the body and at what level. The only certainty, this is a cousin of THC. Its effects would be roughly similar, thus assuming a feeling of relaxation and total relaxation. However, the returns are not numerous enough to really confirm these first allegations. What about habituation? Again, studies are lacking. However, the HHC tends to democratize, result it is a safe bet that in the months, the years to come, more and more research will allow us to better understand how it all really works.

Safety Advice for using HHC vape

The use of an HHC puff is legal in France. It is possible to find it for sale on the market, to consume etc. However, be careful! HHC remains a powerful cannabinoid, the dosages of which must be controlled. Be sure to take a fairly light HHC puff to start with. For more information, please feel free to contact us. Our teams will be happy to advise you. For more proximity, it is possible to find a little help from a tobacconist, for example.

Kanavape, your number one partner

Kanavape is the expert on questions about HHC. You will find on our online store, a selection of good products, extracted and made from the best material, for optimal consumption. Want to find out more? Do not hesitate to contact us. Our teams remain available and will be happy to read you and advise you. Deliveries are made everywhere in mainland France, as quickly as possible.
HHC Kanavape
  • What is an HHC puff?

    An HHC puff is a small disposable electronic cigarette, enriched with HHC e-liquid. HHC is hexahydrocannabinol, a semi-synthetic cannabinoid, discovered in the 1940s.
  • What are the effects of HHC puff?

    An HHC puff implies a feeling of intense relaxation. It would also fight against pain and inflammation. However, the number of studies is sorely lacking. Future research may shed more light on this issue.
  • Are Kanavape HHC puffs legal?

    HHC puffs are neither legal nor illegal. Indeed, hexahydrocannabinol is in a grey area. The authorities have not yet ruled on the matter. We remain vigilant and aware of developments in the law on the issue.

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