HHC Vape Cartridge Zkittlez

We have, in our laboratory, developed a tasty Zkittlez recipe. It has fairly present fruit aromas, but also a certain sugar that recalls the sweets of the same name.

Our HHC Zkittlez cartridge will be ideal to use before your stretching session or during a relaxing moment with friends. Our recipe is made with our HHC distillate and our natural terpenes, nothing more.

More about this strain: Terp Hogz and the 3rd Gen Family are said to be responsible for creating the Zkittlez strain. They would have achieved this feat by breeding a Grape Ape and a Grapefruit.


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Discover the HHC Vape Cartridge Zkittlez by Kanavape

Are you looking for a premium product to vape? At Kanavape, we invite you to discover the HHC Zkittlez vape. It is a vape enriched with e-liquid based on hexahydrocannabinol (HHC), which you can take everywhere. A natural product, which is offered for sale at the best quality-price ratio. Got a question? Do not hesitate to contact us.

What is Zkittlez HHC?

A relatively unknown variety (at least compared to others such as Amnesia or White Widow), Zkittlez deserves everyone’s attention. Revealing delicate sweet aromas, and woody and liquorice flavours, it almost reminds us of the taste of candies that we all loved to eat during our childhood!

The Zkittlez can be found today in our HHC vapes. Vapes signed Kanavape, the name of our brand, ensuring the use and consumption of a product of such quality that you will not find anywhere else. Want to find out more? Let’s go.

Understanding HHC

HHC, for hexahydro-cannabinol, is a semi-synthetic molecule found in the hemp plant. It was discovered in the 1940s by American chemist Roger Adams. It was discovered in the 1940s by American chemist Roger Adams.

This cannabinoid is quite mysterious and its effects remain relatively unknown (unlike flowers and CBD oils – cannabidiol), regardless of the rate of the product. The number of studies on its action, its effects, etc… Remains quite marginal.

The legality of vaping HHC Zkittlez

What about the legality of the HHC Zkittlez vape? In France and in the rest of the European Union, many questions arise as to the legality of HHC-based products.

But we cannot give you a precise answer. Indeed, the HHC benefits from a legal vagueness, it is neither legal nor illegal… One as with the CBD, a few years ago.

In fact, our HHC Zkittlez vapes are sold but can be withdrawn from the market at any time, as soon as the public authorities decide to look into the subject. In any case, we remain vigilant!

The product is rich in terpenes that you will find in your vape or your pre-filled bio cartridge using an HHC Zkittlez distillate. A high-quality product, certified without PG/VG (glycerin), for a premium puff already available for sale on the French market.

How is the HHC Zkittlez vape used?

To use the HHC Zkittlez vape, nothing could be simpler. Indeed, it is already pre-loaded. So you have absolutely nothing to do. Just turn it on, take a puff, and then turn it off before putting it away. Small, light and discreet, the HHC Zkittlez vape from Kanavape allows you to consume hemp at any time of your day, from anywhere!

However, we recommend favouring consumption in a secure place, such as at home. Avoid consuming the HHC Zkittlez vape if you must hit the road if you are a pregnant woman. Finally, the consumption of HHC is prohibited for minors under 18 years of age.

What are the effects of the HHC Zkittlez vape?

The HHC Zkittlez vape is a product whose effects are quite varied. Although the action of HHC is still relatively unknown, especially with regard to addiction and the long term, it now seems certain (according to the many customer feedbacks) that HHC Zkittlez:

  • Promotes rest and relaxation. Consuming HHC via the Zkittlez Kanavape vape would promote letting go, after a long day of work, for example. What to fight more effectively against stress and anxiety.
  • Helps fight pain and inflammation. The HHC would have certain analgesic actions allowing to reduce the painful sensations.
  • Could reduce addictions, especially to THC, tobacco and nicotine.

What about adverse and side effects? Yes, the HHC Zkittlez vape can cause side effects, especially if overused. These side effects are similar to those of THC. However, again, more studies need to be done to really understand how this cannabinoid works.

Some contraindications

The HHC Skittles vape is not suitable for all consumer profiles. The HHC is quite potent. People new to the world of hemp and legal cannabis should favour the consumption of CBD e-liquid. In addition, the HHC Skittles vape is strongly discouraged for pregnant women. This product is also prohibited for sale to minors under the age of 18.

Reminder about HHC Skittles vapes

As a reminder, HHC Skittles vapes are neither legal nor prohibited for sale or consumption on national territory. In the event of a problem, Kanavape cannot assume responsibility. In fact, if you want to be sure of yourself and consume a product certified and labelled as being perfectly authorized for sale, we have a wide range of:

  • Bottles – CBD liquid;
  • CBD e-liquid cartridges.

These products are perfectly legal and comply with the measures in force. In addition to Skittles, you will find on our online store, many other references from your favourite hemp varieties (Strawberry, Orange Bud and many more.)

Kanavape, the HHC vape expert

Kanavape is an expert company on HHC issues. Indeed, we have been offering good products to be taken by inhalation for several years now. The HHC Skittles vapes, like the rest of our references, fit perfectly into a well-being routine.

Ensuring rest and relaxation, our HHC Skittles vapes are fruity and tasty. They have worked in our laboratories, in order to offer you the best of what this variety of hemp plants has to offer.

A natural product offered for sale at the best value for money. Deliveries are made everywhere in Europe including the UK.

HHC: Safety Advice

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