Kanavape France

Kanavape France offers for sale a selection of accessories and e-liquid products to individuals. Top quality, these vape oil cartridges and bottles aim to bring relief and relaxation to anyone who wishes to try their hand at it. Quality products are offered at the best value for money, whose deliveries are guaranteed throughout Europe.


What is Kanavape?

Kanavape is a company founded in 2014 by Sébastien Béguerie and Antonin Cohen, following Alpha Cat. A pioneer in the CBD market, the company quickly attracts curious people who take advantage of this new opportunity to discover the world of cannabidiol, hemp and legal cannabis.

However, not everything will go as planned. On the contrary even! The two co-founders of Kanavape find themselves in a complex situation since they are being sued by the French executive.

The Kanavape France case

This complaint will give rise to the “Kanavape affair” which will make the company known to the general public. Kanavape finds herself in the spotlight even before being sentenced at first instance. An appeal will however be launched, with the court of justice of Aix-en-Provence which, incompetent, will deliver the file to the CJUE, the Court of justice of the European Union.

The latter will finally give reason to the two entrepreneurs. A decision which pushes, at the same time, France to have to adapt and put in place legislation in accordance with European law. The country was effectively accused of hampering the free movement of goods because of its overly strict CBD legislation.

What does Kanavape sell?

Kanavape France is a structure offering the sale of many products derived from e-liquid, on the metropolitan territory, but not only. International, the group delivers its cartridges, pods and other CBD kits all over Europe.

However, let’s focus more on what is being done in France.

You will find on our platform:

  • Vape pen CBD France: these vape pens allow you to vape your product from anywhere, at any time. The best vape pen on the market!
  • CBD France e-liquids: our CBD France e-liquids are offered in different strains, ranging from Super Lemon Haze to Mango Kush. Quality products, in various concentrations.
  • CBD France electronic cigarette: our CBD France electronic cigarettes are easy-to-use, discreet and light electronic cigarettes, which can be transported anywhere. Ideal for vaping CBD!
  • Cartridge CBD France: our CBD cartridges are pre-filled cartridges, containing premium quality vape oil. In full spectrum, they contain no trace of nicotine or PG/VG.
  • CBD pen France: our CBD pens also allow you to take your CBD discreetly. The number one accessory to always have on hand if you want to vape.

Historical actor of the CBD, Kanavape France offers for sale, on the national territory and in the rest of Europe, a selection of premium quality products. Products designed and oriented towards consumer needs, which can be taken by both men and women, as part of a well-being and relaxation routine.

Kanavape France, Japanese-inspired products

Directly inspired by Japanese culture, our CBD-based products perfectly reflect the Japanese way of life. A way of life centred on proximity to nature, on real and deep needs, in short on oneself.

Our CBD e-liquids fit perfectly into your routines and will not fail to strengthen, accompany and strengthen your practice of yoga, and meditation, always in a spirit of well-being. Products rich in cannabinoids, from a recognized brand, which you can use on a daily basis.

Why choose Kanavape CBD e-liquid?

The e-liquids offered for sale by Kanavape France are premium liquids, from natural and traceable hemp. We do not use any chemical products or additives that could alter the taste and the consumer experience, always with the aim of guaranteeing our customers the assurance of fully enjoying a healthy product.

We also provide, at Kanavape France, products with various aromas and tastes. Mango Kush, Strawberry Haze or Super Lemon Haze (and so many more) are on the menu. Superior quality products, full and broad spectrum, in varying concentrations.

Do you want to find out more about our products? Do not hesitate to contact us. At Kanavape France, our teams remain at your disposal and will not fail to get back to you as soon as possible, with all the necessary information!

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