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In the CBD sector in France, Kanavape enjoys a very special place. Indeed, it is a pioneering company in the field which, since 2014, has been able to develop its presence by offering the first vapes of CBD.

Ahead of its time, the company was finally overtaken by French justice, which did not really know which way to go. Since? Many twists and turns, a conviction, an appeal and a release. In short, a whole winding journey that we retrace for you in the rest of this content especially centred on, as you will have understood: Kanavape!

Sébastien Béguerie,
founder of Alpha Cat and Kanavape

Kanavape is the result of a common reflection, carried out between Sébastien Berguerie and Antonin Cohen. In 2014, the company was born, at the instigation of the first. Sébastien Bégueri is a plant enthusiast and an activist.

Scientific expert, graduate of a master’s degree in plant sciences at the University of Wageningen, in the Netherlands, he masters his subject like no one else. It is this scientific training that has led him to carry out hundreds of controlled laboratory tests on cannabis and to work with the world’s largest medical cannabis companies and experts.

Today, this passion and this expertise are felt through Kanavape products. The brand offers various CBD e-liquids, including a high-quality full-spectrum distillate. CBD liquids with rich, varied terpene profiles, are made from the best strains of cannabis grown on the planet. In short, we are talking here about quality products, made by experts for the benefit of the greatest number.

Kanavape’s History

As explained above, it was in 2014 that Kanavape officially saw the light of day. The company then offered a completely innovative product for the time: the first CBD vape pen on the market. Never seen! A product that, like today, allowed you to vape CBD and enjoy the supposed benefits of legal cannabis: calm, rest and relaxation. Everything was then made possible thanks to innovative technology, carefully thought out and developed with the aim of offering the end consumer an exceptional experience!

The Kanavape adventure really begins when Sébastien Bégueri decides to leave for the Czech Republic, from where he will then be joined by Antonin Conen. On the spot, the two men have contacts and decide to industrialize the production there as well as the process of extraction of CBD. Asked about this choice, he then explained: “It is a country that has a tradition of using hemp. At the time, in Prague, there were already plenty of hemp-based products in the shops. Czech grandmothers made hemp-based creams, for example.”

In addition to the product aspect, Kanavape also develops its marketing and communication. If this is common to all companies, it is likely to cost the fledgling company all the problems it will face down the road, because at the time CBD was so innovative that the buzz around the products proposed becomes quite significant.

Making people talk to a community interested in these societal issues, Kanavape also attracts some bad press, especially from politicians and more specifically from the government in place (Holland). The reason? In 2014, the law was not what it is today. Not very clear, no one really knows if the products are legal or not. A grey area that has prompted many companies, including Kanavape, to launch… A double-edged sword.

Histoire Kanavape
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Understand everything about Kanavape’s history

Beginning to gain recognition, Kanavape became one of the most iconic CBD brands in France, following a complaint filed by the then Minister of Health, Marisole TouraineAsked about RTL, the latter explains that Kanavape is in fact accused of selling narcotics and therefore illegal products.

“I am opposed to such a product being marketed in France because it constitutes an incitement to the consumption of cannabis,” she explains on the radio. The co-founders were then implicated in drug trafficking, promotion of drug use, illegal practice of medicine and pharmacy, the illegal opening of a pharmacy…

It was not until 2017 that the case experienced the first acceleration. Sébastien Béguerie and his former partner, Antonin Cohen are found guilty. The two men were sentenced respectively to eighteen and fifteen months in prison, suspended. They must also pay a fine of 10,000 euros (each). To this, the Marseille criminal court adds 5,000 euros (2,500 euros each) to be paid to the order of pharmacists. Indeed, the latter, feeling at ease, filed a civil action.

Sentenced, the Kanavape team then filed an appeal before the Court of Appeal of Aix-en-Provence. The latter does not consider itself competent to rule and has therefore turned to the higher level, the European Court of Justice (CJEU) . After several years, it delivered its verdict, this time in favor of Kanavape. The reason given was also very simple: France was hindering the very principle of the free movement of goods within the European area by blocking CBD products containing no trace of THC.

As a result, France was ordered to review its legislation on the subject. During this case, the Advocate General came to the following conclusion: “EU law prohibits a member country from prohibiting the ordering and import of CBD oil from another member country if this oil is obtained from the whole hemp plant and not only from its fibres and seeds because according to the current state of scientific knowledge, cannabidiol oil has not been proven to have psychotropic effects.”

The repercussions of the Kanavape affair

Concretely, the Kanavape affair had incredible repercussions, both economically and socially. In addition to the democratization of CBD in France , this has enabled the launch of many brands, brands and products on the territory, always for the benefit of consumers. Let’s decipher the impact of this affair, in a little more detail.

The effects of the Kanavape case on French legislation

The first thing to highlight in this story is the impact of the Kanavape affair on French legislation. Between 2014 and 2017, or even well after, it was relatively complicated to know if what was bought, sold and consumed was legal (or not). At the time, we had two interpretations: the French law which authorized CBD without THC and the European law which authorized CBD up to 0.2% THC.

Today, everything is harmonized, allowing you to create, launch and develop your brand in strict compliance with legislation. Article R.5132-86 is very clear, as is European law. Even better, the law has evolved and a company can sell CBD products, whose THC content does not exceed 0.3%!

The effects of the Kanavape affair on the French CBD market

The other impact of this Kanavape affair is at the economic level since the CBD market has simply exploded since then. Despite the risks involved, Kanavape was one of the very first to enter the CBD market . The craze around the CBD also started from there, to the point that more and more shops were able to open their doors on the national territory.

According to some, such as the president of UIVEC, the Union of Industrialists for the Valorization of Hemp Extracts, the Kanavape decree changed everything: “The sector would not exist without the judgment issued by the CJEU in November 2020 who stood up for Kanavape. In other words, CBD would still be considered an illegal narcotic.”

Today, the number of CBD shops in France is estimated at nearly 2,000, for a market estimated at 700 million euros in turnover in 2021. A rapidly evolving market that could quickly reach or even exceed the billion euros in the years to come.

The effects of the Kanavape affair, on Kanavape

Finally, from a personal point of view, Antonin Cohen left the adventure to focus on his own company. It markets a range of CBD e-liquids in 10ml format. This is a period when CBD is gaining momentum in e-liquids.

In this range, there are classic flavours from the e-liquid industry, but also flavours related to hemp for cannabis consumers who seek the unique taste of different varieties. It creates and uses terpenes to create profiles of known strains like Mango Kush or Super Lemon Haze.

Finally, Kanavape was able to develop its activity. CBD e-liquid products for electronic cigarettes and other vaporizer kits are still offered… In France, but also in the rest of Europe!

The hemp market in France

In addition to the legal and entrepreneurial aspect, the Kanavape case also shed light on the rise of a whole new economy, that of CBD and cannabis more generally. Besides, what about the CBD market on the national territory? Is it possible to grow hemp in France?

The first thing to know: yes it is possible to cultivate hemp on the national territory, under certain conditions only. Indeed, the whole plan cannot be used. The heads and leaves must therefore be destroyed.

Opening up more would make it possible to produce local, controlled products. Moreover, France is one of the largest hemp producers in the world, with around 18,000 hectares, behind Canada and China. If the Kanavape affair did not move the lines at this level, it at least forced the market and the politicians to take hold of the subject.

Another incredible figure, it is estimated that 10% of the population consumes CBD, i.e. 6 million people… For a market that should continue to grow to reach 1.5 billion euros in the years to come… Even much more if the legislation evolves in the right direction.

What about therapeutic cannabis?

More than the question of CBD, it is also the question of therapeutic cannabis that interests many people. If France is improbably late on the subject, a large commission supposed to last two years was launched a few months ago, in order to determine whether cannabis-based products could be prescribed to individuals unable to treat themselves with conventional treatments.

In fact, this possible bill and the future legalization that could result from it could pave the way for the total decriminalization of the sale of legal CBD products, so THC levels remain minimal. The conclusions of the study, which must be made in two years, could considerably upset the national market.

affaire kanavape
produits kanavape

Kanavape, all about
the products offered for sale

Today, the company was able to resume normal activity. It offers for sale more vape pen CBD and other cartridges for always unequalled quality. We find, for example:

  • CBD cartridges: these CBD cartridges are made up of all the cannabinoids. Full spectrum, they are rich in CBD, CBD, CBC and CBN. Without PG / VG, they contain no trace of nicotine or vitamin E. They are available in 0.5ml format and have various aromas and flavours. We find, for example, cartridges of CBD Mango Kush, Strawberry Diesel or Orange Bud or even Amnesia.
  • Bottles of CBD e-liquids: Kanavape also offers bottles of CBD e-liquids. These broad-spectrum products contain no trace of THC. There is no trace of vitamin E or nicotine either. A product offered in 10ml bottles, which like CBD cartridges is made from different strains of hemp, such as OG Kush, Amnesia or Mango Kush.
  • Vape pen: to support the consumer, Kanavape offers refill batteries for vape pens. Simple to handle, this vape pen does not require much, except for a CBD cartridge that you just have to screw on to be able to consume it. In short, a top-quality product!

Would you like to find out more about Kanavape, our company and its history? Do not hesitate to write to us. Our teams remain at your disposal and will be happy to read you, advise you and answer all your questions!